“Christian Baum is a fearless community builder. He understands the power of people coming together behind shared passions and he knows how to make that happen."

– Rose Cameron, Director of Innovation – Penn State University

“No one has done more for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Centre Region than Christian Baum and Spud Marshall in the 30 years I've lived here. We need you two guys leading the way full speed in the future!”

– Greg Pierce, Senior Lecturer in Finance at Penn State



“Christian is consistently able to take a general idea given and transform it into multiple options to move forward with ensuring the look and feel of the design was in context with the event."

– Carolyn Somerville, Johnson & Johnson

“There is something almost magical to Christian’s approach. People open up around him and are willing to pledge their time and resources in ways that they ordinarily wouldn't.

In the words of Lao Tzu when describing the best type of leadership, “when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, the people will say, 'We did it ourselves.’”

Christian is truly one of the most visionary and talented young leaders that I have come across. He will accomplish great things in this world, and he will likely overcome any obstacle put in his path."

– Scott Woods, West Arete

Matt Kane.jpg

“Christian has been able to surpass expectations every time. Whether it was a multi-million dollar marketing campaign or a much smaller community based project, I’ve worked with hundreds of experts in branding, design and communications in every type of group from large global advertising agencies to small independent shops and Christian has been in the very top tier of anyone I’ve worked with.”

– Matt Kane, Johnson & Johnson


“Christian's enthusiasm and positive attitude fueled our logo design for Pop Up Ave. His communication skills and transparency of the process made us feel like designers even though we had no formal training. The results felt collaborative and we were thrilled with the finished product.”

– Brad Groznik, Pop Up Ave Cofounder

“Christian Baum is a world-class designer, equally adept at working with 2D, 3D and virtual formats. In our collaborations, he was consistently innovative in his approach, never ceasing to shatter expectations and inspire. I feel Christian's strongest suit is his capacity to design and bring to life spaces that elevate the energy and creativity of people who enter them. Highly recommended!!!”

– Cole Hons, Director of Marketing & Development, The Willow School

“In just a few weeks after soliciting Christian’s help, he put together an impressive office redesign plan that will pay for itself by enhancing our efficiency, collaboration, and company culture. I have been impressed with Christian’s ability to capture our needs and provide a plan that is cost effective and contemporary.”

– Jacob Loverich, KCF Technologies

Christian delivers kickass-design beyond expectations. We at Action Surge hyper focus on building experiences that drive people to take action on ideas. We came to Christian to establish a brand and transform our workshop print material into goodies that are difficult to put down. Responsive, iterative, and creatively gifted – he thinks through the ‘experience’ of great design with aesthetic and function.” 

– Surge Skoryk, Action Surge Cofounder, Johnson & Johnson

“Christian Baum has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He is excellent at guiding you through the design process and ensuring that you get exactly what you have envisioned and making it enjoyable along the way. If I ever have any other graphic design needs I know who to turn to.”

– David Latshaw, Scientist at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

“It was a wonderful experience working with Christian. He designed the brochure, welcome banner, and map signage for a conference we were putting on. He made the process enjoyable and easy – right from the start he proposed a timeline we agreed on and that he stuck to while checking in at various points to give progress updates and to ensure that he was moving in the direction we wanted. Christian is very talented, but what stood out is how he really listened to us and was able to incorporate our vision into all the materials he designed for us. I highly recommend Christian, and would definitely work with him again in the future!”

– Jennifer Ty, Portfolio & Strategy at Johnson & Johnson


“Christian worked with our company as a graphic designer and marketing consultant over the course of a two year period.  His work for us included trade show graphics, office and presentation templates, webinar hosting, etc. Christian was easy to work with, responsive, and consistently exceeded our expectations.  He has a great creative mind and is able to collaborate to execute his client's vision.”

–  Jason Grottini, Envinity

“Christian is a rising master of his work. Not only is he a brilliant designer, but when it’s time to communicate about brand he’s crystal clear and professional. From the small and vague request I made to create the SmallBatch logo, he was able to walk me through some thoughtful and exciting options that were right on-target. I am continually blown away by Christian’s work and I don’t think I’ll ever hire another designer for any of my projects. He’s fast, accurate, and underpriced.”

 Chris Danilo, Growth and Relationship Director at Chartlytics

“What I realized is the result of Christian's works stems from the talents he has, the process that he leverages as it applies to space assessment/design, along with a genius that can only be described as insightful."

 Todd Erdley, Owner of Videon

“Christian's dedication, expertise and work ethic made the entire design and logo process enjoyable and we are very pleased with his work and our finished products!” 

–   Rachel Shoemaker, EC Power

“Christian's early logo development provided the cornerstone for GreenTowers branding. As our business grew to include new BEEcosystem products and Living Interior Designs, the strength of the original GreenTowers logo informed the graphic design of additional product lines, creating a visual continuity across all of our brand.”

–  Dustin Betz, Green Towers

“Christian is an absolutely amazing designer. As much fun as it is to watch him work his way around graphic design tools, it's even better to see his final creation. He was able to use shading, color schemes, and text thickness to create a well-balanced, aesthetically pleasing logo for our company.”

–  Eli Kariv, Founder at The Coding Space

“Whenever you're working with a designer, it can sometimes be tough. You kind of expect them to know what you're thinking. Christian takes this one step further - he knows what questions to ask, what to ignore, and understands what make great brands great. He understood my vision for The Geneva Fellowship and helped me create a brand I can build it on - quickly.”

–  Mitch Robinson, Founder at Nametag

“Christian is a true artist and professional. His talents span across numerous mediums which allows any project to evolve in directions no one had ever considered. He not only listens to his clients, but takes their vision directly out of their heads and applies his personal touch; making the project something truly special. I consider Christian my goto guy for any graphic, logo and design work as well as an inspiration and a friend. No one adds value like Christian or is as enjoyable to work with.”

–  Alex Berland, President at Maverick Disrupt

“Never in a million years did I think I would request a logo design. Christian was able to take our dreams, verbs, and adjectives and spin them into a vibrant modern design. Don’t hesitate on choosing Christian!"

–  Curtis Adams, Senior Tax Associate at Aronson LLC