I've been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug! Starting sustainable companies for me, is all about creating opportunities for people and having fun...



The co.space is the home changemakers! Launched in 2013, 20 students and young professionals live alongside one another in a renovated, 1920's boarding home in State College, PA. This intentional community of young men and women cook weekly meals, go on purpose-driven retreats, host community and guest events, and work on projects together, while focusing on their journey as a changemaker. Learning to live and work alongside like-minded people of various walks of life, is unforgettable!

State College co.space, LLC was co-founded between myself and Spud Marshall in 2011

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A Christian Baum, LLC

I've been a freelance designer since 2010 in order to optimize my time launching other ventures. My design portfolio, which can be found on this website, ranges from personal ventures, to donated work, to working with clients such as the US Navy, Johns Hopkins, Penn State, Johnson & Johnson and dozens of small and startup companies.

A Christian Baum, LLC was legally structured in 2015

New Leaf Initiative

New Leaf is a coworking office, community hub, and shared space home to mission driven entrepreneurs, passionate community organizers, engaged businesses, motivated students, determined local government, and many more who are all seeking to work better, together. Founded in 2010 with a group of friends in State College, PA, New Leaf continues to grow and impact the community, and can now be found in the State College municipal building.

New Leaf is a 501(c)3, co-founded between myself, Spud Marshall and Eric Sauder

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that. was designed out of a need for people who simply wanted something consistent on their schedule, to meet up with new and old friends, relax in a casual setting. Every Tuesday at 6pm, people meet up for a drink and chat to get out of the working mindset and spend time with friends. Launched on November 8th, 2016, that. will continue well into the future!

that. is not a structured business, it's a simple social gathering!

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Changemaker in Residence

This program, although not currently active, was designed to work in partnership with co.space, New Leaf Initiative, and several other local groups in State College to offer housing and a small stipend to changemakers interested in moving to the area to launch their projects!

CinR is not a structured business, but works in partnership with existing groups and companies

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Escape Happy Valley

Based off of the popular 'escape the room' businesses... Escape Happy Valley is our own local version! Located in downtown State College, Escape HV floats around to various locations around town, offering a variety of experience to all ages!

Escape HV is a jointly owned LLC co-founded in 2016.

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BASS is an industrial contracting company located in Lancaster, PA. I cannot claim myself as a founder, although it has been a family-run business for over 20 years! For over a decade, I have been heavily involved in assisting with the culture, brand, and marketing.

BASS is owned by my brother, Casey L. Baum

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