BFA Environmental Design – Maryland Institute College of Art (2009)
Ordained Minister from – Universal Life Church Monastery
Registered Notary


Central PA Creative Professionals

8 Gold - Design Awards (2015 + 2016)
5 Silver – Design Awards (2015 +2016)

Chamber of Business & Industry

Young Professional of the Year (2016)



Today I can be found in State College, I'm still managing the co.space and looking ahead at how I can scale that business. I have a great deal of freelance jobs that typically involve a branding design, sometimes a website or marketing materials. I'm also a consultant for various businesses that are pivoting, rebranding or ramping up their operations. But most recently, I've been interested in how I can help drive economic development in the Centre Region... by attracting and retaining talent, helping startups, and adapting the existing power structures to be more forward-thinking!

But perhaps more importantly, I love to smile, and be a friend to a lot of people. Playing board games, traveling to strange places like Area 51, playing volleyball, playing pranks on people. Notice a trend here? Play, play, play! Playing and designing like I give a damn... because I do :)


In 2009, I graduated college, worked construction for a year or so due to the bad economy, eventually quit, and went on a journey to figure out what it is I wanted to do. So I moved to State College where I still reside, slept on sofas and on community member's sofas until I was able to launch several social ventures with close friends.

I learned I LOVE design and the creation process... and specifically, I love to place that energy into a business so that perhaps it can sustain. Creating worlds, programs and experiences for people that they can grow and experiment safely with like-minded people. That's where you'll find me! Sometimes it's real-estate related such as the founding of the co.space in 2012, or an innovation hub, such as New Leaf Initiative in 2010.

I love people. I love design. And I love the freedom and adventure that comes with being an entrepreneur!


Born and raised in Lancaster, PA, I grew up with people asking me if I was amish or not. For the record, I'm not by any stretch of the imagination. Although growing up around all of that farmland seemed like a curse at the time, I'm incredibly thankful for it. The quite, polite and hardworking ethics of the area gave me a grounding that not many places can truly offer.

Graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2009 with  BFA in Environmental Design, I had fallen in love with all thigns design! I knew I was going to be an artist at age five. Drawing came first, then painting and printmaking. The more mediums I experimented with, the more I wanted to know. So for years I played around with everything from architectural drawing, illustration, lighting design, graphic design, model building, fashion modeling, you name it, I needed to try it. And this diversity of interest and skill continues to bleed into my work.

In order to support myself, I worked a lot of different jobs. A LOT. Ranging from a truck-driver, toilet-bowl cleaner, international fashion model, construction worker, landlord, draftsman, painter and countless other jobs that allowed me to keep doing the things I love.

~ Aldus Christian Baum